Our Story

Nevada's Junior Classical League was founded on the principles of camaraderie, friendship, and growth. We strive to celebrate the legacy of Latin, Greek, and Ancient Greek and Roman culture while opening a new frontier of development and knowledge. 

Our tight community aims to learn from the lessons of the past, enjoy every moment of the present, and create a future of proud classics students. 

The four chapters of our state, however small, keep passion for the classics alive. Our state conventions, school meetups, and service projects bring enjoyment to every classics student.


We invite you to look into our journey as a state and welcome you to our community.

our vision: to inspire, bring together, and educate all who are intersted in the classics

our mission: to provide classics lovers with a unique community,

an interactive education, and

service opportunities


NVJCL in the News - Las Vegas Sun

Thanks to head Community Outreach officer, Brinley Belding, the Nevada Junior Classical League was highlighted in an Article in the Las Vegas Sun.

Outlining what the NVJCL (and JCL in extension) stands for, the article discussed how despite COVID-19, the NVJCL was still planning, hosting, and attending events albeit virtually.

Standing true to our Mission and Vision of fostering and maintaining a sense of belonging and camaraderie among members, supporting the communities we are all a part of, and learning about and from the past, the pandemic has done nothing but show how strong the NVJCL community is. Despite having to restrict the events we hold, doing everything virtually has allowed us to further establish the sense of community between all chapters, both north and south.

A huge thank-you to Brinley for helping to bring more public attention to what the NVJCL is, what we stand for, why the classics are important, and how we are still going strong even in these trying times.