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Who are we / mission vision

Our Story

Nevada's Junior Classical League was founded on the principles of camaraderie, friendship, and growth. We strive to celebrate the legacy of Latin, Greek, and Ancient Greek and Roman culture while opening a new frontier of development and knowledge. 

Our tight community aims to learn from the lessons of the past, enjoy every moment of the present, and create a future of proud classics students. 

The four chapters of our state, however small, keep passion for the classics alive. Our state conventions, school meetups, and service projects bring enjoyment to every classics student.


We invite you to look into our journey as a state and welcome you to our community.

our vision: to inspire, bring together, and educate all who are intersted in the classics

our mission: to provide classics lovers with a unique community,

an interactive education, and

service opportunities

Proclamation for Classics Week

Eheu! I am so excited to announce that Steve Sisolak, Governor of Nevada, has proclaimed April 18th through 24th of 2022 as Nevada Classics week. This incredible feat is a huge step for the Classics in Nevada. The week is meant to commemorate April 20th, also known as Dies Natalis, the birth of Rome.

An experpt from the proclamation puts it best:

WHEREAS, the classics and classical antiquity continue to play an important role in modern society, from government and law to literature, language, science and the arts…

currently there are five chapters of educational organizations around the Silver State comprising of over 150 middle and high school students, that are dedicated to furthering students’ education in the classics through educational and cultural opportunities… 

Nevada recognize the connections and positive influence of classical culture upon our society and encourage students to be role models in their communities by practicing the classical principles of good citizenship, critical and analytical thinking, philosophical inquiries, public speaking, and participation in the democratic process

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