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State Convention

Learn about the NVJCL's most thrilling event, State Convention


If you have attended any of Nevada's regional events, such as the Northern Nevada Amici Pinibus or Southern Nevada Amici Pratis conventions, then you may recognize some of the events planned to take place at this year's convention. These include but are not limited to
  • Certamen
  • Academic Testing and Contests
  • Dramatic Interpretation and Reading
  • Graphic Arts
  • Colloquia

What is State Convention?

State Convention is the NVJCL's biggest event, with JCLers from Sage Ridge School, Liberty High School, The Meadows School, Battle Born Co-op, and members at large. It allows NVJCLers from anywhere in the state to get together and build friendships, or for old members to reconnect and share how they have been, what happened at their regional event, and what their local communities have been up to over some food and (non alcoholic!) drinks.



Location & Date

Sage Ridge School, March 22nd to the 23rd.

Last Day to Register

February 16th, check with your local sponsor or contact Benjamin Browder to ensure you have registered by this point. Additional info will also be given out and put on the website then so check back.


$70. which covers Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, Saturday's closing banquet (dinner), and Colloquia supplies.

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