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State Convention

Learn about the NVJCL's most thrilling event, State Convention


Activities for the 2024 State Convention included Indigo

Tie-dyeing, Faction Tug o' War, Chariot Racing, Certamen, a Hike, and Faction Skits


Indigo Tie-dyeing


NVJCLers worked with animal rescue organizations across the state to make dog toys and leashes for those in need


State Convention

Hosted by Ben Browder at Sage Ridge School, the 2024 NVJCL State Convention saw delegates from Sage Ridge School, The Meadows School, and Liberty High School come together to engage in Olympika, Ludi, and Academic competitions



The following tests were available for students to take at the 2024 State Convention

Latin Derivatives


Roman Daily Life

Mottos, Quotes, and Abbreviations

Ancient Geography


Reading Comprehension Levels 0-1

Reading Comprehension Levels 2-3
Reading Comprehension Levels 4+




Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math


After everyone tired themselves out with Faction skits, they got together to two different versions of catapults, at the end of which they got to keep.





Alongside colloquias that taught members about Greek Heroes, Stoicism and the Roman Empire, and the influence of the Greeks on the Romans, there was also art colloquias like Ceramics and Roman Soldier Paper Plate that allowed members to show their own creativity.

Instructor: Mr. Eric Eads, Former SRS Upper School History Teacher Description: What is it to be human, and how can ancient concepts of the heroic and anti-heroic inform our understanding of the human condition? The classical Greeks' concepts of Heroes and the "heroic" were very different from the way we understand the term today. We will investigate Greek heroes and anti-heroes in their own historical contexts, in order to gain an understanding of these concepts as they were originally understood while also learning how they can inform our understanding of the human condition in general.

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