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JCL Memories

stories of JCLove, firsts, and brotherhood

My first Nevada State Convention was in my sophomore year, and it was so fun! We were split up into different colored teams and I was on the Albati team! Picking out our mascot, the butterfly, and designing the flag were so much fin, and I will never forget the chant we made. I also participated in the talent show with Michelle Luh and we did a ukulele-melodica duet of "This is Gospel." I was so happy when we placed second in the talent show! One of my favorite memories was meeting Emperor Lorenzo. Being in his presence while others were playing dodge ball was unforgettable.


-Calista Bordador

The Meadows School '21 


My first JCL experience was the 2016 Nevada convention held at Liberty High School. There was so much that made it special, from my introduction to the crazy world of Certamen to the "grape stomping" competition (read: water balloons) to the nighttime laser tag session. But, as most JCLers will tell you, the best part of any convention is the people. The otherwise-dull bus rides from Reno to Las Vegas and back were one of my favorite parts because I got to meet people that I usually wouldn't talk to. Everyone was so welcoming, and it was so great as a timid freshman to be able to comfortably interact with seniors (one of them even gave me an essay-writing tip that I still use). And when I was at convention, the creation of four factions (mirroring the ancient Roman chariot races) with students from each school was another great way for me to meet people. Even though many of us had never met before, the sheer energy that filled the room during the faction spirit competition was enough to bring me back for more. Our conventions may be small, but they are as spirited as anyone could ask for.

-Zoa Katok

Sage Ridge School '19

My greatest JCL memory would have to be of the 2019 Nevada State Convention. The two days of convention were some of the most fun I can remember. From academic tests to ludi to certamina, the convention there was teacher/student chariot racing and my Latin teacher, Dr. Lorenzo, and I managed to win the gold. As much fun as the activities during the day were, nothing compared to the awards ceremony at the end of convention, in which my fellow state officer, Michelle, and I performed a skit where we constantly made horrible bee puns. All in all, the 2019 NVJCL convention will always be a sight to "BEEhold."


-Raees Kamboj

The Meadows School '21

2020-21 NJCL First Vice President


As part of the TMS delegation to SCRAM in 2019, we took a bus from Newport Beach and made a stop at Balboa Beach. While hanging out with my fellow JCLers before convention, we had some hilarious adventures walking around Balboa that I'll never forget. I especially enjoyed a running joke where we would cheer and clap enthusiastically every time one of our Latin teachers boarded the bus, to the point where he stayed off the bus until the last possible moment to avoid the excessive praise. But that just shows how much we appreciate our Latin teachers.

-Michelle Luh

The Meadows School '21

2020-21 NVJCL Officer


My first National Convention was this year's virtual one. Made possible by applications like Zoom and TikTok, JCLers, SCLers, Chaperones, and State Chairs from all 50 states were able to attend from home and take part in spirit, service, and fellowship activities as well as Certamen, That's Entertainment, a virtual dance party, and so much more. For students who would not have been able to travel all the way to Richmond, VA, this opened up the door to a new opportunity to take part in their first national convention. I was one such student who would normally have been at Summer Camp, but was able to attend because it was cancelled. Throughout the week I chatted and 'hung out' with my fellow NVJCL Officers and meet others from Nevada. Among other things, I participated in Certamen, a kahoot game, tons of different Colloquia classes, and meetings with state officers from other states to share ideas and connect with one another. Though my first National Convention was virtual, I had a great time and definitely plan to attend as many as I can in future years. To all my fellow JCLers, I hope to see y'all at the San Diego State University next year! 

-Benjamin Browder

Sage Ridge School '24

2020-21 NVJCL Officer


This was my slasher year. I did literally everything that I could possibly do so I don’t fully remember much. One thing I do remember was getting to be in a skit during That’s Entertainment! We were doing a Jurassic World skit where Susan Shearer was a Shearasaurus and was controlling the SCL. I was a JCLer who had to run across the stage screaming as alarms blared. And that was it. It was still super fun.

-Liz Noone

Liberty High School '15

Northern Arizona University '19

Student of the University of Illinois Springfield

[On the 2015 National Convention at Trinity University]


My favorite JCL memory is from the 2022 National Convention in Lafayette, Louisiana.

I remember looking for a table, ready to eat breakfast when a guy I (to my knowledge) ​hadn't met before offered the seat across from him. I took it (while thinking "who is this weirdo?") and from there I met one of my favorite JCL friends, a Tennessee JCLer by the name of Joseph Nardo. We talked for about 30 minutes and as we left we both coincidentally went to the same event- one my sister made me attend since she was running it as an SCLer, and from there we kept on running into each other. We've met up at Emory and we both still talk online over Discord, but to me this starting point showed me what really made the JCL, the friendships.

-Thomas Noone,

Liberty High School '25

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