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State Board

Virtual Events, Service, & Communication
Kira Romberg

Hello! I’m Kira Romberg, and I am a senior at Sage Ridge School. I am the Virtual Events & Service Team Lead and the Communications Coordinator/Board Liaison. This is my sixth year of Latin, and I am currently taking AP Latin. This is my third year on the state board, and I can tell it is getting better every year. Outside of JCL, I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, and playing video games. My favorite part of JCL is meeting new people, so I hope to see you soon!

Community Outreach & External Publicity
Brinley Belding
Southern Events & Service
Ellen Sun
Branding, Design, & Publications
Sophia Lopez
Social Media
Andrew Barth

Salve! I’m Andrew Barth, and I’m a freshman at Sage Ridge School. This is my second year as the head of the Social Media team, and this year I’m also trying to start the Aequora program in the North. I’ve been in JCL for four years, and I’m currently in Latin II. Outside of JCL, I love to ski, play soccer, and do mock trial. My favorite part of JCL is playing Certamen and meeting new people!

Northern Events & Service
Ben Browder

Hi! I’m Benjamin Browder, a sophomore at Sage Ridge School. I am the 2022-2023 Activities Coordinator. I am in Latin Lit and have been doing JCL for 5 years, this being my third on the state board. Outside of JCL, I am a Stage Manager, working at SRS as well as other theatres in Reno as both a tech and SM. Looking forward to an amazing year of JCL!


Sitara Reganti 
Sitara Reganti 

Salvete omnes! I’m Sitara Reganti, and I am a freshman at Sage Ridge School. I am on the board for Social Media, Virtual Events, and Northern Community Service/ Events! This is my third year in Latin and my first year on the NVJCL Board! Outside of JCL, I enjoy fencing, special effects makeup, writing, Speech and Debate, and Mock Trial! My favorite part of JCL is getting to collaborate with my fellow board members, planning events, and updating our social media!

Iris Cong
Iris Cong
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson
Nanki Sandhu
Nanki Sandhu

Hello! I am Nanki Sandhu and I am a freshman at Sage Ridge School. I am part of the board for social media. This is my first year on the board and my third year doing Latin! Outside of JCL I enjoy playing basketball, winning at debate, and hanging out with friends! My favorite part of JCL is definitely Certamen and being part of this awesome community!

Miranda Paek
Miranda Paek 

I have been a teacher of Latin and the Classics for 21 years, the last twelve at Liberty High School. My teaching career began in Virginia, my native state, after receiving a BA in Classical Civilization and Theatre from the College of William and Mary. I also serve as an instructor of Latin and Greek at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and an adjunct Education instructor at Nevada State College. In my spare time, I pursue my other chief passions as a hard rock vocalist and spends quality down time with my wife and three dogs.

Southern State Chair
Mr. Fisher

State Chairs

i'm in a sunjunctive mood.jpg

I joined The Meadows School - and the JCL - in 2013, having previously held visiting Professorships at Brooklyn College in NYC and Kenyon College in Central Ohio. As a California native, I began my study of the Greek, Latin, and the Classics as an undergraduate at Santa Clara University before completing my PhD at the University of Virginia. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, traveling the world, and spending time with my cat, Minerva.

Southern State Chair
Dr. Garvey