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meet our 2020-2021 state, national, and chair board


Salvete omnes, my name is Raees and I am a senior at the Meadows School in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been taking Latin since eighth grade, and have finished the highest level Latin course in my school. I have been to 15 conventions and am planning to go to over 20 conventions by the time I finish high school. After three years serving on the NVJCL State Board, I am proud to be serving as the National JCL 1st VP.  


My main jobs as the NJCL 1st VP are to increase JCL membership numbers throughout the country and media presence of JCL. My first initiative is called the State Motto Initiative, in which I would guide state JCLers from across the country to obtain legislation, especially state Latin mottos, to support the study of classics and the NJCL. Secondly, I want to enact my COVID Contingency Plan, in which JCLers can easily and quickly switch to an online format if their physical event is canceled due to COVID. 

National VP
Raees Kamboj

National Board


State Board


Hello! I’m Kira Romberg, and I am a junior at Sage Ridge School. I am Northern Nevada’s Events Committee chair. This is my fifth year of Latin, and I am currently taking Latin Literature. This is my second year on the state board, and I am super excited to be hosting the state convention in 2021. My favorite part of JCL is meeting new people, so I hope to see you there!

Northern NV Events Chair
Kira Romberg

Perquam Salvete Omnes!! My name is Brinley Bolding and I am a sophomore at the Meadows School. I'm in my third year in Latin and second year of JCL. This year, I am in charge of community outreach. My hope this year is that I will be able to bring Latin into the view for many people who misunderstand the language. I want more people to see the need and importance for learning this language but also the importance of classics in general. I am excited for what this year will bring. Valete!

Head of Community Outreach
Brinley Belding

I’m a senior at The Meadows School, and I’m the princeps of the Southern Events Committee. I’ve been taking Latin since 8th grade, but this year I’m taking Greek! Events have always been one of my favorite parts about the JCL, and I’m excited to organize a ton of fun activities for the NVJCL this year. Outside of the JCL, I like STEM, creative writing, and playing the piano. Chad is my favorite emoji.

Southern NV Events Chair
Michelle Luh

Hello! I'm Sophia Lopez and this is my first year on the JCL board, although I have been doing latin for 3 years now. I am so excited to be spearheading the Branding and Web Design team. Besides Latin, I do theatre, debate, mock trial, and volleyball, as well as study green tech, do brand design, and run a moonshot company. If you want to learn more about me outside of Latin, be sure to check out my website Vale!!

Head of Branding and Designs
Sophia Lopez

I am the head of social media. I have been trading stocks for a little over three years. I have taken computer science courses for the past six years, and studied the way that social media platforms work. I have studied Latin for three years. I am a motivated person with high standards and am generally optimistic. I love Latin and plan to continue my studies as a Latin student through high school. I play the piano and mountain bike competitively. My favorite type of Chinchilla is the Brevicaudata Chinchilla.

Head of Social Media
Andrew Barth



My name is Yasamin Goravanchi and I am a freshman at The Meadows School. I have been taking Latin since the eighth grade. I am apart of the South Events Committee and Publications Committee. I really enjoy learning about mythology and hearing the incredible stories! My favorite thing about Latin is that its language and culture has inspired and led to so much! I plan to learn as many more languages as I can and understand the different beliefs and traditions of others! My other interests include karate, volleyball, and the violin!

Yasamin Goravanchi
Yasamin Goravanchi

Hi! I’m a rising sophomore at The Meadows School and part of three separate committees in NVJCL. I’ve been taking Latin since eighth grade, and this will mark my third year of the language. This is my first year on the board, but I hope to help bring various new events to life. Outside of JCL, I enjoy casual reading and the visual arts. My hobbies include drawing and painting.

Iris Cong
Iris Cong
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Hello! I am Ben Browder, a freshman at Sage Ridge School in Reno, Nevada. This is my first year on the JCL board and I am on the Rebranding, Service, and Events (North) Committees. I started Latin in 6th grade with a semester-long class and then chose to continue latin in 7th and 8th grade. I will be continuing Latin through the rest of high school; I became a part of JCL in 7th grade. Other than JCL, I am the Stage Manager for SRS Theatre and a huge fan of theatre in general. I enjoy rock climbing, cycling, cooking, baking, listening to music, and reading. 

Ben Browder
Ben Browder

Hello there! I’m a sophomore at The Meadows School in Las Vegas and I’ve been taking Latin since 8th grade. This year I’ll be serving as an officer on the NVJCL Events Committee as well as the committee for Website/Branding. I love attending JCL events and conventions, and I’m happy to say that this year I'll be helping plan them! As a member of the board, I want to make Latin as enjoyable as possible. Outside of JCL, I love drawing, playing the piano, Minecraft, and ornithology! I look forward to having a wonderful and memorable year of JCL!

Ellen Sun
Ellen Sun

I have been a teacher of Latin and the Classics for 21 years, the last twelve at Liberty High School. My teaching career began in Virginia, my native state, after receiving a BA in Classical Civilization and Theatre from the College of William and Mary. I also serve as an instructor of Latin and Greek at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and an adjunct Education instructor at Nevada State College. In my spare time, I pursue my other chief passions as a hard rock vocalist and spends quality down time with my wife and three dogs.

Southern State Chair
Mr. Fisher

State Chairs

I joined The Meadows School - and the JCL - in 2013, having previously held visiting Professorships at Brooklyn College in NYC and Kenyon College in Central Ohio. As a California native, I began my study of the Greek, Latin, and the Classics as an undergraduate at Santa Clara University before completing my PhD at the University of Virginia. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, traveling the world, and spending time with my cat, Minerva.

Southern State Chair
Dr. Garvey