the schools that make the NVJCL possible

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Liberty High School

Las Vegas, Nevada

Liberty High School is a public college preparatory school and Southern Nevada’s original Classical School. Founded in 2003, Liberty is the only school in the Clark County School District to offer the Classical Scholars Medallion, an extra honor for our outstanding seniors. Liberty’s Classical Scholars program is rooted around the Introduction to Classical Studies course, which is mandatory for all freshmen. Liberty also offers all levels of Latin, Philosophy, and two levels of Mythology and Folklore, as well as other varied classical offerings. Liberty is a founding member of the Nevada Junior Classical League and has participated in numerous state, regional and national JCL events. Liberty has hosted multiple JCL conventions and currently conducts an annual invitational certamen.

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Sage Ridge School

Reno, Nevada

Sage Ridge School is a private college preparatory school located in Reno, Nevada with students from grades three through twelve. Students at Sage Ridge get an introduction to Latin in sixth grade and then have the choice to take Latin from seventh grade through senior year. Sage Ridge JCL hosts its own local regional events like the annual Saturnalia Saturday event, and Sage Ridge always has many delegates at the Nevada JCL State Convention. In the 2020-2021 school year, SRS will be the host school for the NVJCL State Convention. Students from Sage Ridge also frequently attend the California JCL State Convention and Nationals.

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The Meadows School

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Meadows School is a preK-12, non-sectarian, independent school located in the Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegas. Latin is required of all 8th-graders for a full academic year and may be continued in the Upper School through a fifth year of study. Meadows's JCL chapter is incredibly active, both in-state and beyond. In addition to hosting a regional convention each fall known as SNAP! (Southern Nevada Amici Pratis) and helping to organize the Nevada state JCL convention most years, TMS JCL routinely travels to conventions in Arizona and Southern California as well. In addition to offering a robust array of on-campus JCL events over the course of the school year, The Meadows School is especially proud to be a site of the Paideia Institute's Aequora program, a community outreach program designed to promote literacy among local youth through the study of Latin and mythology.


Battle Born Co-Op

Carson City, Nevada

Battle Born Co-Op consists of a small group of Christian homeschooling families who gather in the Carson Valley area once a week to study and fellowship together.  As home educators, parents teach their own children.  Alongside one another we follow a classical model of education.  The 2019-2020 school year was the first year that our young club participated in both the Nevada Junior Classical League and National Junior Classical League.  We are avid Latin students and look forward to increased participation in state and national events.