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Seasonal Activities

Learn how the Nevada JCL celebrates the holidays 



Saturnalia is a JCL event celebrating the Roman's winter harvest festival. Members of

The Meadows School shared gifts and brought food for a potluck.

Latin Caroling


Latin Caroling is an event where Latin students perform Christmas songs in Latin. This year was the 1st it occurred at The Meadows, but it has been hosted annually for the past 23 years by Mr. Fisher.

Songs include the following

Tinitas (Jingle Bells)
Laetissimus (Joy to the World)

Adeste Fidelas (O Come All Ye Faithful)

Silens Nox (Silent Night)
Aulum Sertis Adornate (Deck the Halls)

Rudolphus Rubro Naso (Rudolph)

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