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Non NVJCL Events

Learn more about events in the wider NJCL community, such as the National Convention, the Arizona State Convention, and Classicalia


Non NVJCL Events

Learn about events taking place in the wider NJCL community, such as the National Convention, Arizona State Convention, and Classicalia

Upcoming events in order

Additional information of each event can be found further down on this page

July 22nd-27th

Registration begins on March 1st, information can be found on its section.

National Convention

February 24th

Arizona State Convention

Deadline to register has passed, information about it can be found down below regardless.

February 17th

NJCL Classicalia

The 2024 Classicalia has passed.

2024 NJCL Convention Flyer 5.png

National Convention

Every year, the NJCL hosts its National Convention, with events comprising of spirit contests, several athletics competitions such as Swimming, Volleyball, and Track & Field, and tests of knowledge via academic testing and Certamen. This year, it will be hosted at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville from July 22nd to the 27th. Contact your local JCL sponsor, Mr. Fisher at, or our National Convention Coordinator at for more information.

Arizona State Convention

This event has passed

(Taken from the AZJCL Website)

Each year, the Arizona Junior Classical Year hosts its State Convention in the Spring, with athletic, academic, and graphic art contests being some of the activities to do, with the convention taking place over 1 to 2 days. 

Additional information can be found at this link

AZJCL Logo.png

Classicalia & Convocatio

This event has passed

Classicalia and Convocatio are 2 different online NJCL activities typically lasting around 3-5 hours. During this time, events conducted by NJCL Officers as well as student and guest speakers include kahootamen (a portmanteau of Kahoot and Certamen), a service project, and virtual games. Register at the link below, and feel free to contact the NJCL 1st VP, Sophie Heitfield, for more information or any questions.

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